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Can WebCRSTravel be customised to our Travel company requirements?

Yes, WebCRSTravel is 100% customisable. You can customise WebCRSTravel to suit your travel company requirements.

Can Outbound Tour Operators use WebCRSTravel?

WebCRSTravel is a Travel ERP which can be used by Outbound Tour Operator, Inbound Tour Operator, DMC and Domestic Tour Operators.

We are a Group Tour Operator, Can we use WebCRSTravel?

Yes, WebCRSTravel has an exclusive module for Group Tour Operators to handle all the aspects for Group Tours whether it be customised Tours or Fixed Departure.

Will i be able to download all the enquiries generated from my website to WebCRSTravel?

Yes WebCRSTravel can be seamlessly integrated with websites, social media, emails and even Phones.

Can i send my quote through Whatsapp with WebCRSTravel

Yes, WebCRSTravel is integrated with Whatsapp which allow you to send your quotes through Whatsapp.

We are using Tally for our accounts, can WebCRSTravel integrate Tally

Yes, WebCRS has the capability to import all Docket Accounting to Tally

If I use WebCRSTravel will I need to use any other accounting software?

WebCRSTravel does have only Docket Accounting, which means all the transactions related to packages are available in WebCRSTravel, but for General Accounting you can use any accounting software.

I am using a software for invoicing and Vouchers, Can I use WebCRSTravel for my itinerary and quote generation?

Yes you can use WebCRSTravel for Itinerary and Quote Generation only, but for a seamless operations we suggest that you user the invoices and vouchers module also from WebCRSTravel

I have my own formats for invoices and Vouchers, can WebCRSTravel use the same format.

Yes, WebCRSTravel can use the same invoices and vouchers format as per your companies brand.

For Itinerary Builder, do I have to design my own package template or will WebCRSTravel provide Package Templates?

WebCRSTravel has very attractive Itinerary/quote Templates, but if you have your own template , we can implement the same.

Can I send quotes in different languages with WebCRSTravel?

Yes you can send quotes in different languages.

I have multiple offices in different parts of the world, Can i Manage all these offices in one single software.

Yes you can manage all your offices using one single travel ERP software – WebCRSTravel.

Is WebCRSTravel suitable for MICE operators?

Yes, WebCRSTravel can be used by MICE operators. It has a very compatible Mobile Application for Guests and Operations Team.

Does WebCRSTravel have a mobile app for guests?

Yes, WebCRSTravel has a Guest Mobile Application which will enable you to send day wise itinerary, hotels are staying with all the services that are included with the package.

Can I add multiple suppliers in WebCRSTravel?

Yes, you can add multiple suppliers for hotels, activities, transports, guides etc

Does WebCRSTravel have Fleet Management

Yes, WebCRSTravel has very elaborate fleet management modules, which can be used for point to point and outstation.

Can I store multiple rates of the same hotel from different suppliers?

Yes, you can store multiple rates of same hotel from different suppliers and use the one that is profitable for a particular package.

Is there lead management in WebCRSTravel?

Yes, there is lead management , which can also enable the leads to be automatically assigned to respective staff

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