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Tour operators should use CRM and social media for lead generation

Lead generation is one of the utmost important factor that contribute to a tour operators business, although conversion rate makes the real difference but more lead you will generate greater conversion rate you can have, let’s consider some of the marketing strategies that tour operators can use for lead generation-

  • we know in today’s world digital marketing is all that is making a difference in how much business tour operators can make, integrate your crm well with social media and make the most out of it.
  • the crm system for tour agencies collect quite a lot of data regarding customer preferences and feedback analyses, make use of it and track various responses.
  • design email and automate the further process sent customer centric emails to your potential leads.

We at webcrs travel are always working to make crm even better and more efficient for you to help you with all kinds of business management and expansion. Give us a call our team of experts is always willing to assist you-

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